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1956 Ford F100

  • Year: 1956
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F100
  • Type: Big Window
  • Exterior Color: Mint Green Polar White
  • Interior Color: Grey
  • Mileage: 380 TMU

How many times have you heard this story?  A person had a long-standing dream of having a vehicle just like one in some treasured memory.   So they bought an excellent, original example and then had a full-blown, cost-no-object professional restoration done to create the ‘perfect’ car.  Then, after enjoying it a while, they realized it didn’t fit into their lifestyle, their wife didn’t like riding in it, the grandkids’ safety seats didn’t work in it and it was taking up a garage space so a family car had to sit outside.  And selling it returned far less than the restoration cost.  

So, if you’ve had a hankering for a vintage Ford pickup, here’s your chance!  This beautiful F100 was a clean, straight, rust-free survivor that had a $70,000 (plus buying the original truck) professional restoration completed two years ago.  It has all the right stuff: short box, big-window Custom Cab, rebuilt original Ford 223 6-cylinder engine, factory heater and turn signals. In addition, it has chrome grille & bumpers, dual mirrors and beautifully restored bed wood with stainless runners.

Painted in correct Mint Green with Polar White top and trimmed with authentic grey cloth materials inside, the truck looks as great as it runs.  Summer cruise season is coming up, but this bargain won’t be available for long!

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Before Restoration

This 56 was a (mostly) rust-free farm truck for the majority of its 60-year life. It made for the perfect restoration as it was very, very stock, unlike most you find. 


More Before

Here we see the truck before resto began. Also included with this truck are a fascinating packet of dingy old receipts. The most vital of which are a run-down of all the expenses for prom in 1959 from some lucky guy or girl. 


Before - Under the Hood

The truck was in very good condition, considering its age. The plan for restoration was to go completely stock. The only modification from stock was adding front disc brakes for safety’s sake. Here's the windshield motor before being completely rebuilt. 


Resto Begins

Let's start by saying that a fellow restorer in town did this job, not us. BUT, it's to the quality that we would allow, so it's under our roof for sale. Note that the typical lower cab corner rust was repaired with new metal—not Bondo.


Paint and Body

The truck was media blasted, and any necessary bodywork was performed. Then came the paint - matching the original Mint Green by Ford. FYI - complete paperwork and photos of the restoration are available. 


Mechanical, Chassis and Engine

Every part of the truck was restored. Here, we see the frame and engine being reassembled and prepared for the body to return. The original Ford yellow engine paint can be seen clearly. Once assembled, the truck looks just like it does in our photos above. 

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