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1981 Fiat 2000 Spider Turbo

  • Year: 1981
  • Make: Fiat
  • Model: 2000 Spider Turbo
  • Type: Turbo
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Tan
  • Mileage: 58000


In 1981 Fiat offered a huge upgrade to their popular 2000 Spider by creating a factory Turbo option.  In fact, those cars were considered a separate model from the normally-aspirated cars and were only available in the USA market.  The entire package was exceptionally well-engineered after considerable development work and earned an enthusiastic endorsement from Road & Track magazine in their October 1981 issue.  Apart from some bespoke decals, badges, and optional aluminum alloy wheels, the Turbo is identical to the standard cars.

Unfortunately, due to the model’s affordable price point and lively performance, most were wrung out pretty thoroughly by young third and forth owners, so not many survived.  Those that resided in the upper midwest had an even faster demise due to Fiat’s casual rust proofing practices.

This particular car has been in Colorado’s arid High Desert climate most of its life and was acquired from its 2nd owner who maintained the car for over twenty years.  The 58K miles are actual and the car is in exceptionally good health.  Always serviced by a local Fiat specialist who was given the carte blanche to “do whatever it needs” has kept the car a reliable and strong-running rarity.   It was recently fully serviced & tuned, given new tires and a new Haartz-cloth top and Stebro exhaust.  Everything works, the dash wood and pad are excellent, the original interior is in great shape and it’s a delight to drive.  Even the 2nd gear synchro is tight and quiet, a consequence of the older owner/driver. 

It was repainted in the original color years ago and still looks good.  There is only the slightest rust in the bottom of the left rear fender (because there’s no such thing as a completely rust-free ‘80s Fiat!)  Quoting Road & Track, the Spider has “One of the slickest folding tops in the industry,” that is a simple one-handed operation and is quite weather tight.  Six-footers fit comfortably, there is a decent  trunk plus more space behind the seats, so weekend get-aways are very feasible.   The Bosch fuel-injected twin-cam engine is bulletproof and reliable, plus inexpensive to maintain.

All of the 2000 Spiders are trending upwards in the specialty car market, but with so few remaining Turbos, this will be a wise investment at half the price of a period MG.

Winter Priced at $14,900!

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