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1952 Hudson Hornet

  • Year: 1952
  • Make: Hudson
  • Model: Hornet
  • Type:
  • Exterior Color: Gray
  • Interior Color: TBD
  • Mileage:

We are undertaking a complete restoration of this Hudson Hornet. Some of the first photos of the car are when it was at the famous Forney Transportation Museum here in Denver. Now it's at our shop.

The car had been in storage for a few years. When it made its way into our shop we found that the front fenders and rear of the vehicle had seen better days. We removed the engine and fenders to send the car into media blasting. 

During the process, our technicians found that much of the front fenders and rear of the vehicle were rusted. In a few of the photos you can see just after the car had been blasted, and the issues that had developed along the front end of the frame rails. Speaking of frame rails, This Hudson had a very forward thinking body design. Learn more about the Hudson design over on our blog! 

Next up we looked into the hood which showed rust along the front edge. After lots of metalwork everything is factory correct and sturdy! We put Fenders back on, and we worked through body sanding and primer. Now we’ve handed things off to Keith, he’s hard at work on the reassembly from the striped interior all the way up to the Hudson triangular hood ornament.


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