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1954 Arnolt-Bristol Bolide

  • Year: 1954
  • Make: Arnolt-Bristol
  • Model: Bolide
  • Type: Vintage Racer
  • Exterior Color: Red White Stripe
  • Interior Color: Pebbled White Leather
  • Mileage:

We are proud to say we recently showed this unique car at the esteemed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, after a very thorough (and quite fast) rotisserie restoration. This Arnolt–Bristol is one of 142 made between 1954 and 1959 by eccentric Chicago businessman Wacky Arnolt.

This particular unit had been sitting idle in a garage for many, many years. It combines an English chassis & drivetrain combined with an Italian body, designed by Bertone, with final assembly and trim being performed in Arnolt’s facility in Warsaw, Indiana. They were powered by Bristol’s 2 liter, in-line 6 cylinder engine using three carburetors. These engines were originally designed by BMW and produced 130 horsepower in a car weighing 2100 pounds. The engine technology was actually given to the Brits by the Germans as war reparations after WWII. 

These dynamic little racers had great balance and handling, which made it a delight on the track or the street. Their racing prowess in the 1950s was well known. Our very aggressive timeline was documented by the hashtag #100daystoPebble. Click here to watch the video series.   



Upon Arrival

This car was raced, wrecked and parked in 1965.


Engine Removal

The engine was in dire need of help so it was quickly removed.


Ready For Media Blasting

After removing essentially everything the car was ready to begin body work.


Interior Disassembly

The interior had been exposed to the elements for quite some time so new foam and materials were a must.


Engine Restoration

The engine had spent quite a lot of time stationary so rebuilding it was an no brainer.


Exterior Metal Fabrication

New metal was needed so we fabricated and welded in new chunks where it was needed.


Interior Metal Fabrication

The floors when they arrived had seen better days so they were replaced with fresh new metal and painted.


Filler Work

Body work was completed to fill in any inconsistencies in the metal and were sanded then primed.


Wet Sanding and Polishing

After the new paint was applied all panels were thoroughly sanded so that a mirror finish could be created after it was buffed.


Interior Restoration

Amazingly new material was sourced and used to make new seats and door cards.



The car was beginning to take shape as parts were put back on and looking poised to take on Pebble Beach in not too long.


Interior Upon Completion

The interior was finished and put back in the car.



The car was now completed and looking better than ever before! Also just in time for transportation to Pebble Beach!


February Pebble Beach Show

Here it is at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance.


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