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1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster

  • Year: 1957
  • Make: Mercedes Benz
  • Model: 300SL Roadster
  • Type:
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Tan
  • Mileage:

This stunning 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster is a wonderfully restored example. The production for 300SL’s lasted 9 years and a total of 3,258 cars were built with 1,858 of them being the roadster. The 300SL is well known as the world’s first road going supercar with its straight 6 motor producing 212 horsepower, a 4 speed manual gearbox and a tubular chassis. It was the fastest production car of its time and could even do 160 miles an hour! It also has plenty of fluids on board with the necessary amount of oil at 2.6 gallons and a 26 gallon gas tank! 

This particular car was purchased by our customer several years ago. It was restored in Mexico City in the early 1990's for its owner who lived in Mexico. The paint had a fair amount of shrinkage and bubbling. Our customer decided to have us perform a bare metal repaint. Once the paint was removed, we found large amounts of poorly applied lead and body work that had been hiding under its shiny red paint. Rust was under the lead & creeping outward, lifting the paint in places. We cut out all bad metal and body work areas. New metal sections were made up on our English Wheel. A color change to black was performed. A complete interior restoration was also performed as well as engine compartment and chassis detailing. The car was completed the fall of 2012.

For its first showing, we displayed the car in The Ameila Island Concours in March of 2013. We were awarded with The Ameila Island Mercedes-Benz Award of Excellence.



Under Carriage Respray

After the steam cleaning any parts that were chipped or faded underneath were resprayed so it looked brand new.


Upon Arrival

The car arrived here after being previously restored in Mexico in the late 90's. The paint was lifting in a few places and some small spots of rust were present so a bare metal repaint and some light mechanical restoration was selected for this job.


Body Repairs

We began by sanding the spots where rust or bubbling paint was to prepare it for repair.


Media Blasting

Once the rust was revealed the whole body was media blasted to show everything and prepare the body for repairs.


New Metal

New pieces of metal were made up on our English wheel to replace all the metal we cut out.



The interior was disassembled so new leather and carpets could be later installed.



After the body work was completed and interior stripped the car was hit with a layer of primer.


Back to Black

The color selected for the repaint was black which you can see here after being applied.



After the primer and black dried with sanding after each layer, the clearcoat layer was applied.


Miscellaneous Painting

A lot of pieces that were black but faded were sanded and then refinished and painted.


Steam Clean

The whole undercarriage was steam cleaned to remove any road junk accumulation since the last restoration was completed.


Under Carriage Touch Ups

The under carriage after being steam cleaned was then given some fresh coats of paint.


Trunk Refinishing

The trunk area was sanded down and repainted.


Light Mechanical Work

Some of the light mechanical work performed was redoing and restoring the braking system.


New Seats

The old springs were old and tired and were ready to be replaced.


New Leather and foam

New leather was sourced and new foam was used to create new seats for the car.


Trunk Carpet

New carpet material was sourced and stitched to create new carpet for thew whole car.


Interior Being Reassmebled

Once all the components of the interior were either created or refinished they were then put back into the car.


Dashboard Reinstalled

After all the metal on the dashboard was refinished and painted black it was put back into the car.


New Soft Top

A new soft top was stitched and sewed by hand for the car.


Exterior Reassembled

All of the exterior trim including lights, bumpers, etc, were placed back on the car.


All Done!

After the whole car was reassembled and driving it was ready to go!


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