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1959 Bocar XP-6

  • Year: 1959
  • Make: Bocar
  • Model: XP-6
  • Type: Racer
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color: Pending
  • Mileage:

This is a rare and unusual car, a 1959 Bocar. The Bocar was a tube chassis, fiberglass bodied sports car built here in Colorado between 1958-1961 by Bob Carnes. Bob Carnes sold cars as complete, ready-to-drive, or a customer could purchase the chassis and body separately.

This particular car was constructed from a chassis and body that were purchased separately in the early 60s in a deal between the original owner and Bob Carnes that involved the trading of another completed Bocar. It is titled as serial #004, and is known as an XP-6 model. Unfortunately, the Bocar factory burned on Christmas day of 1961.

Cars completed by Bob Carnes were outfitted with the Corvette 283 engine, however this particular Bocar, being completed by the owner, was outfitted with something different. The original owner purchased a then brand new to the market combination, a Ford Mustang 289 HiPo V8 and Toploader 4-speed transmission. He purchased these items from Garnsey & Wheeler Ford of Greeley, Colorado. This is the only Bocar to exist with this engine and transmission setup.

Through diligent research, we were able to contact the original owner/builder of this car, who still lives in Greeley, Colorado, and he was generous enough to pay us a visit and bring along his original photographs of the car.

The car has been sitting idle since the late 60s when it was sold to the second owner who ultimately never did much with the car. The current owner is planning on a mechanical restoration and upgrade only at this time. This will include some chassis reinforcements and upgrades to the suspension, coil over shocks, modern aluminum fuel tank, and fuel injection on the original date coded 289 engine. This will certainly make this rare hand-built sports car drive and handle closer to today's standards. 

UPDATE - Car has been completed and delivered. Stay tuned for videos on the finale of this project. 



Upon Arrival

The Bocar arrived, and we soon got into documentation. It hadn't been out on the road since the 1960s. Part of our process is to completely document all vehicles when they arrive, and as we start disassembly. We were actually able to meet with the original owner, who provided us with extensive information and photos of the car and its history. He came by to inspect his old machine. 


Engine Overhaul

The Bocar's original 289 Hi-Po engine was removed for rebuilding. Here, we see progress as it comes back together. 


Aluminum Fabrication

Fabrication of aluminum panels for the engine compartment, interior and trunk. 


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