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1960 Bentley S2 Standard

  • Year: 1960
  • Make: Bentley
  • Model: S2 Standard
  • Type: Steel Saloon
  • Exterior Color: Shell Grey/Tudor Grey
  • Interior Color: Tudor Grey
  • Mileage: 75000

Nicely restored & great-running S2 sedan. Imported from England by the second owner over 40 years ago before being placed in storage a decade later with less than 75K miles on it.  Purchased by the current owner in 2007, he then initiated a major restoration on the car.  It was stripped and completely refinished in authentic Bentley colors, some rust was repaired and an all-new genuine leather interior was installed along with a new broadcloth headliner.

While that work was under way, the V8 engine was overhauled and the transmission was professionally rebuilt. Of course a lot of lesser restoration work was included, like new door seals, weather stripping, etc. The brightwork was polished and the finished car was beautiful once again. Work also included installing a modern A/C system with a rotary compressor and new evaporator.  

More recently the car has had over $25,000 invested in completely overhauling the braking system by a well-known Rolls/Bentley specialist plus repairing all the power windows to correct operation and a new exhaust system. Underscoring what an attractive value this handsome Bentley will be for its next owner is the fact that the selling price is a fraction of what all that restoration work cost. It comes with a file of records, factory shop manual, extra keys, spare & jack. The car will provide the next owner with years of reliable period motoring with simple on-going maintenance.  Proving once again:  It’s smart to buy a vintage car someone else has restored!

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