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1961 Ferrari 250GT PF

  • Year: 1961
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Model: 250GT PF
  • Type: Cabriolet
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage:

This 1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet belonged to a local Ferrari collector. It received a full restoration with a color change. After complete disassembly, the body and frame were media blasted. Metal, frame, and body work were done and the body was massaged to perfection.

Then it was refinished in black basecoat/clearcoat. Concurrent to the metal and body work, all sub-assemblies including engine, gearbox, rear end, suspension, etc., were rebuilt and restored. Upon completion of this classic Ferrari restoration, our customer sold the car at an RM Auction for a world record price (at the time). RM was quoted "It is quite possible that there is no other example as meticulously restored or prepared anywhere in the world."




Upon arrival the car needed a full restoration so we began by disassembling the car.


Body Work

There was a fair amount of rust on the car so body work was necessary.


Chassis Evaluation

The chassis had seen better days so a full media blasting with repair and replacement of some of the braces was necessary.


Media Blasted

The whole car including the chassis was media blasted to leave us with the bare metal so the rust repair could begin.


Chassis After Media Blasting

All of the corrosion and rust from the chassis was removed and it was now ready for repair.


Chassis Repair

Some of the tubes were just too far gone and couldn't be salvaged so new ones were created in house and welded in.


Body Repair

Some of the structural pieces of the car were also too rusty to be saved. New pieces were then made in house and welded on.


New Metal

After the rust removal, new metal was made on our English wheel and welded on the car to replace the old pieces.



After the car was completely gone through it was then hit with a layer of primer ready to be sanded so the new paint could be applied.


New Seat Frames

The old interior was removed as well and the old seats were not salvageable so new ones were created in house. The seat frames were restored in preparation for new foam and leather.


New Paint

The color chosen for the color change was black and was applied after all necessary work had been done to ensure a high quality paint job.


Clearcoat Applied

After the black base coat had been applied the new clearcoat was applied as well.


Sanding The Clearcoat

After the paint and clear coat had fully cured, we sanded and buffed the car to create that concours winning shine.


Miscellaneous Painting

Any pieces like the dashboard and miscellaneous trim pieces were also painted and sanded.


New Leather

After all the restoration on the seat frames and with new foam and leather the seats were ready to go back into the car.


New Carpet

New carpet was sourced and put in the car.



All of the refinished chrome bumpers and trim were put back on the car.


Motor Back In

After a full restoration on the motor it was put back into the car.


Drivetrain Back On

Along with the motor the drivetrain was also completely gone through and rebuilt.


Interior Back In

After all of the individual parts of the interior were restored, the interior was put back together.


All Done!

After final reassembly the car was finished and ready to go!


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