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1961 Ferrari 250GT

  • Year: 1961
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Model: 250GT
  • Type: PF Cabriolet
  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color: Red
  • Mileage:

This 1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet was in California and Arizona most of its life. Since 1977 it was with the same owner in Flagstaff. It was parked in his garage in 1988 with a clutch problem and remained there until late 2009 when it was purchased by our customer.

This car was an amazing find. Our complete restoration was completed in the summer of 2013 and appeared in its first car show at the Ferrari Club of America International Meet in Wisconsin where it received its first Platinum Award.

It was later displayed at The Quail in Monterey in August of 2013 where it was very well received. Most recently it returned from the Cavallino Classic, a large Ferrari show in Florida, where the car won its class and received another Platinum Award.



Upon Arrival

This is how the car arrived to us after sitting stationary for 21 years after a clutch problem.


Original Interior In Need Of Restoration

After sitting for so long the interior needed attention after it deteriorated.


Engine Compartment Upon Arrival

The transmission was the reason the car was stowed away so the clutch issue was finally going to be fixed.


Beginning Of Disassembly

Parts are bagged, tagged, labeled and inventoried to keep everything organized.


Metal Fabrication

After the complete disassembly of the vehicle it was blasted to reveal the metal underneath which needed attention. Our metal fabricator created new metal for areas on the body that were past being usable and began replacing them.


Painting the body

After the body had the new metal installed and the body work completed then came time to paint the car.


Final paint work

After the new paint was applied it was then sanded and buffed to absolute perfection.



Upon completion of the sanding and polishing, the exterior reassembly began.


Interior Restoration

Hides of leather were sourced and purchased. Seats were stripped to their bare frames and restored.


Soft Top Construction

Our trimmer created a new top for the car.


Upon Completion

The interior was finally complete with new carpets, leather, foam and door panels. It was then reassembled.


Engine back in

After the engine and transmission were refreshed to better than new condition, it was placed back in the car.


Sitting proud

After it was complete we took it to the Ferrari Club of America National Meet in Wisconsin, where it won a Platinum award. It then went to The Quail in Monterey as you can see in this photo.


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