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1963 Jaguar XKE

  • Year: 1963
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: XKE
  • Type: Series I Roadster
  • Exterior Color: British Racing Green
  • Interior Color: Beige
  • Mileage:

This OTS XKE was the subject of a major strip-to-metal restoration some years ago and has enjoyed an easy life of car shows and casual weekend drives ever since. The work included a complete engine overhaul and all the associated subsystems, plus the car has had ongoing service & maintenance.  Originally from Texas, rust was never an issue and the monocoque & bonnet remain straight and solid.

A well-sorted Series I is considered the most desirable XKE by many, with its covered headlights, toggle-switch dash, small taillights and the lively 3.8 engine with triple carburetors.  And what could be better than British Racing Green with Tan interior?!     

The car comes with a file of past records, photos of the restoration in progress, the original owner’s book & keys plus a factory shop manual and other literature. XKE roadsters have always been a ‘blue chip’ collectable, and their values have historically trended upwards. Recently they have climbed dramatically with top-drawer examples over $300K with many no nicer than this car now in the low-to-mid $200s.  However, this car no longer has original colors or a matching engine number, so no matter how nice it is, it must be described as a ‘driver,’ albeit a really fine one. Consequently, it represents a great value for any enthusiast who wants to enjoy driving the car rather than worrying about (and paying for) minutia.

Bonus!  Included with the car is a factory hardtop (that needs minor work)!

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