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1965 Pontiac GTO

  • Year: 1965
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: GTO
  • Type: 4-speed
  • Exterior Color: Blue Mist Slate
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage:

THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD - Please call 720-588-8427 or Email to speak to a specialist about other options. 

Not only is this classic Pontiac GTO a PHS-documented genuine car, it is in beautiful condition, recently refinished in its factory ‘Blue Mist Slate’ color—one of the few to escape being painted ‘resale red’ during the ‘80s. It has always been a 4-speed car and retains the original interior, plus power steering and brakes make it a great driver.

Originally a 335-hp 4-bbl car, it now sports a factory Tri-Power setup for added performance, but the original manifold, carb and air filter are in the trunk. The PHS certificate proves it still has the original engine block and again, is one of the few that escaped being hot-rodded to death and getting incorrect engine(s) over the years.  

The attractive set of period American Racing ‘mag’ wheels are certainly not stock, but a set of factory Rally wheels would not be hard to find if you want show-quality authenticity. The car moved around during its life, most recently in California before going to Arizona several years ago. It came to Colorado in 2018.

It was the recipient of a major restoration six years ago and we can find no evidence of past accident damage, either. The undercarriage is clean and dry, the paint is very nice and the interior is amazing. It has always been maintained well, and has been upgraded with front disc brakes and better shocks & sway bars for safer handling. If you’re looking for a slim-tail GTO with great provenance, good looks and super driving dynamics…here it is! There are other extras included along with a file of service receipts—even has the original owner’s books & Protecto-Plate.

Original engine (rebuilt in 2014), Original transmission (rebuilt in 2014), All date & casting codes correct, Original K-code differential (3:23), Rare factory AM-FM ‘Vibrasonic’, Original books, keys & Protecto-Plate, Original dealer’s invoice, Optional ‘teak wood’ steering wheel.


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