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1966 Porsche 911

  • Year: 1966
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 911
  • Type: Coupe
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage:

The Certificate Of Authenticity from Porsche proclaims this car was built in February, 1966 and remains in its original Light Ivory #6604 color with Black leatherette upholstery. It was fitted with the optional Webasto gas heater, tinted glass, multi-band radio, wood-rimmed steering wheel (only year available), fog lights, walnut dash veneers and factory chrome wheels. We have the original books & documentation as well.

Bought from the grandson of the original owner, it is highly unusual to find a third-generation one-family 911. The original buyer and his son were both engineers at General Motors, so the car has had professional care its whole life. The 63,500 miles are believed original and everything about the car supports that. After buying it from the family estate—where it had been in storage for years—our shop has replaced the fuel tank, lines, pump & filters, installed new tires & battery and generally brought the dormant car back to life.  

The engine is quiet and smooth, the dogleg early 5-speed transaxle shifts well and the car provides a delightful early-911 narrow-tire experience going down the road. Yes, it does have the original Solex carburetors. Every collector has heard—and quoted—that famous expression “they’re only original once,” and that’s certainly true here.  First-generation 911s have aways been a blue chip investment and whoever adds this unicorn to his collection will enjoy driving the car and really love its appreciation over the coming years.

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