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1967 Jaguar E-Type

  • Year: 1967
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: E-Type
  • Type: Coupe XKE
  • Exterior Color: Gray
  • Interior Color: Red
  • Mileage:

We always seem to end up with a few cats hanging around the shop. We had a 1967 Jaguar over in the showroom, but when’s the last time you heard of a car getting its eyes checked? 

This Jaguar XKE coupe was in for the glasses repair, getting the glass headlight covers adjusted and cleaned up. There’s E-types, and then there’s E-type coupes. This coupe is an incredibly sought after Series 1 with enclosed headlights and a smaller front grille. It came in to have the headlight covers adjusted, cleaned up and rehung on the bonnet. Of course, before the eye-adjustment we did the Farland Classic Restoration standard: Disassembly, Primer, Paint, Clearcoat, Polish, and finally the reassembly. This classic Jaguar E-type is now back on the road.

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