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1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette 427
  • Type: Roadster
  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage:

This Corvette was just pulled out of 32 years of storage. Before it was carefully put away, it had been hot-rodded in the 70s and 80s. The original engine is in place and is believed to be an L71 with aluminum heads option - with 427/435hp. The correct triple 2 carbs will be replaced as well as the correct rear exhaust and transmission. Also the side pipes were added during the hot rod action. They are not factory and don't belong on the car. 

The vehicle only has 19,000 original miles. We will be working with the owner to figure out the best approach to return this very rare specimen to its original (and much more valuable) condition. 

This Corvette represents the 2nd year of the updated C3 style. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding this model. 

"For 1968, both the Corvette body and interior were completely redesigned. As before, the car was available in either coupe or convertible models, but coupe was now a notchback fitted with a near-vertical removable rear window and removable roof panels (T-tops). A soft folding top was included with convertibles, while an auxiliary hardtop with a glass rear window was offered at additional cost. Included with coupes were hold down straps and a pair of vinyl bags to store the roof panels, and above the luggage area was a rear window stowage tray. The enduring new body's concealed headlights moved into position via a vacuum operated system rather than electrically as on the previous generation, and the new hide-away windshield wipers utilized a problematic vacuum door. The door handles were flush with the top of the doors with a separate release button. Front fenders had functional engine cooling vents. Side vent windows were eliminated from all models, replaced with "Astro Ventilation", a fresh air circulation system. In the cabin, a large round speedometer and matching tachometer were positioned in front of the driver. Auxiliary gauges were clustered above the forward end of the console and included oil pressure, water temperature, ammeter, fuel gauge, and an analog clock. A fiber-optic system appeared on the console that monitored exterior lights and there was no glove box. The battery was relocated from the engine area to one of three compartments behind the seats to improve weight distribution. New options included a rear window defroster, anti-theft alarm system, bright metal wheel covers, and an AM-FM Stereo radio.All cars ordered with a radio, like the C2 cars, continued to be fitted with chrome-plated ignition shielding covering the distributor to reduce interference."


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