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1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Model: Roadrunner
  • Type: Hemi
  • Exterior Color: TBD
  • Interior Color: TBD
  • Mileage:

This is another one of our nut and bolt restorations here in the shop, alongside the Hudson Hornet and the Ferrari Daytona. This classic Mopar bird came in on the rotisserie. During the initial media blasting we found that corrosion and rust had eaten away at much of the back half of this Road Runner. Thankfully, our newest technician Mario is well practiced in metalwork.

He’s been replacing the rear quarter-panels, modifying wheel wells to fit bigger tires and retooling the entire rear end to get this body straight and smooth. This week he finished up the wheel wells and now he’s adding metalwork to close them in, soon enough we’ll be adding the rear quarter-panel skins. We’ll be off and running!

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