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1970 Maserati Ghibli

  • Year: 1970
  • Make: Maserati
  • Model: Ghibli
  • Type: 4.7 Coupe
  • Exterior Color: Burgundy
  • Interior Color: White
  • Mileage: 60000

Very clean, solid classic Maserati Ghibli with only 60K actual miles and from 30-year ownership. Part of a multi-Maserati collection and one that has benefitted from regular use.  Always well-serviced, the Italian classic retains its original engine and is a very strong runner.  Has proper oil pressure and no overheating issues. Originally pale blue, years ago it was changed to this metallic burgundy, which looks much more striking with the original white upholstery, all set off by the chrome wire wheels. Dash fuzz is excellent, as are instruments, carpets and all glass.

Ordered new as a US-spec car, it was one of a number made with an automatic transmission, but was later converted to an original Maserati 5-speed manual gearbox with all correct linkage and pedals. The Giugiaro-designed body by Ghia has always been one of the Trident’s most valued models and remains an eye-catcher today.

The car has a rust and damage-free undercarriage, excellent paint & interior and recently received a new water pump, coolant flush, general servicing and new battery. It comes with spare, tools, a file of paintwork photos and shop manual.

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