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1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL

  • Year: 1971
  • Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: 300SEL
  • Type: 6.3
  • Exterior Color: Moss Green
  • Interior Color: Cognac
  • Mileage: 49000

The 300SEL was Mercedes’ top-drawer long wheelbase production sedan in the early ‘70s, usually with a 3-liter version of their famous OHC inline 6-cylinder engine. But, there was a smaller production run that got the huge 6.3-liter OHC V8 that had been developed for the 600 limousine. That turned a modest-but-luxurious classic Mercedes-Benz sedan into quite a hot rod! 

The 300s had sophisticated air suspension, full leather upholstery, beautiful burl-wood trim, sunroofs, Behr A/C and a high-quality period Becker Europa stereo system. The 6.3 made the car one of the fastest production sedans of the time and they are wonderful to drive. This Moss Green car was sold new in Houston and still has the original bundle of factory manuals & service books with it, showing stamps for years of regular M-B dealer servicing. It has since lived in several areas of the US, but has been in Colorado for decades and for over twenty years in the current owner’s collection.  

It shows no signs of past accident or rust damage, the air suspension was restored a few years ago and works fine. It still has only 49K actual miles  and looks it. The Cognac leather is exceptionally nice and its aroma accents the interior of the car. The upper surfaces were repainted in the original color years ago to repair checking, but the paint below the belt line is original. The dash pad is not cracked and the clock still keeps good time! All the brightwork is fine, and the wood veneers are excellent.

This high driver-quality car has just a few flaws at present, most significantly it should have a new A/C compressor. Although OEM ones are available, a recommended retrofit is a kit with a modern Sandin-style rotary compressor that offers superior cooling. We will let the next owner decide which way to go on that. Also, it has a star or two on the upper windshield, some air bubbles in the rear glass and a few paint chips. But it runs great and could be driven anywhere to a new home tomorrow.

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