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1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

  • Year: 1972
  • Make: Alfa Romeo
  • Model: Montreal
  • Type: V8
  • Exterior Color: Orange
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage: 59400k

Here’s a rare Italian classic car! Following their successful Tipo 33 Sports Prototype racers from the late ‘60s, Alfa used the lovely alloy 4-cam V8 engine developed for the 33 Stradale in these Bertone-designed coupes during the early-mid 1970s as their flagship car. The Montreal was designed by Marcello Gandini and shares an almost-exact side profile with his seminal Lamborghini Miura!  (Note the window curve, rear quarter and back glass shapes). The hood is low and flat like the Miura, too, made possible by the V8’s race-derived dry sump design that allowed low placement in the chassis.

Jay Leno's Garage did a bit on a nearly identical Montreal. Have a look here.

Also you can have a look at the video done by Colorado Cars and Coffee - with our content expert Pat. Check it out.

A surprising number of Montreals were built—about 3900—but they are very seldom seen today. And most that are around, have led abusive lives with poor maintenance, amateur ‘restorations’ and deterioration. As with any rare car—you don’t want a rough one!

This example has only 59,400 kilometers which is only about 37K miles. Looking it over, that’s not hard to believe, as it is completely original and amazingly nice with excellent chrome and 90% original paint. It has its original keys, Italian owner’s book (plus an English copy) and a factory brochure (the car illustrated is in the same signature orange color). Undercarriage is very clean and we have found no signs of past accident damage or rust. The black fabric upholstery is a duplicate of the factory material and was replaced not long ago. Among the documentation is a file of past service records and a letter of authentication from Alfa Storico confirming the original colors and build date of April 14th 1972. We also have the DOT import papers from when the car arrived in the US in 1985, plus a cache of unobtanium spare parts! 

These cars have great performance, with their fuel injection, limited-slip diff, 4-wheel discs and ZF 5-speed transmission—plus that signature Gandini styling. It has just had a professional servicing will all fluids, suspension work and tuneup by a Montreal specialist and runs absolutely perfectly.

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