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1991 Acura NSX

  • Year: 1991
  • Make: Acura
  • Model: NSX
  • Type:
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage: 22000

THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD - Please call 720-588-8427 or Email to speak to a specialist about other options. 

Acura stood the sports car world on its ear with the introduction of the 1st generation NSX in 1991. The all-aluminum monocoque chassis powered by a bulletproof Honda twin-cam V6 engine was significantly more advanced and faster than the contemporary 8-cylinder Ferrari. Of course, it was also much more affordable, nicer to drive, was totally reliable and the A/C actually worked! (Ferrari didn’t offer an all-aluminum car until eight years later…)

This modern classic was bought new right here in Denver, was always serviced at the same dealership and was the proud possession of one man, who rarely let anyone else drive the car.  Although his collection included multiple Porsches, Ferraris, a Bentley and other noteworthy cars, he was always amazed at the value package the NSX delivered. 

Now 91 years old, he finally agreed to sell us some of his cars, including the Acura. At only 22K miles, it was still on the original (!) front tires and the second set of rears. We installed the most-recommended replacements (Continental Extremes), and sent it to the original dealer for a major cam belt service, water pump and other recommended upgrades. The clutch hydraulics were failing and were replaced along with a new OEM clutch assembly.  

The car has absolutely no accident history, there is one small scrape on the lower front spoiler that we don’t even want to paint, since the rest of the car has never even been touched up. The leather is near-perfect and we have every piece of the original literature, owner’s books and window sticker with purchase invoice. The car has never spent a night outdoors and looks & feels like it’s two years old. (Along with all the swag Acura sent to first buyers, we have the letter he wrote to them complaining about getting only 5000 miles out of the rear tires).

These cars have been appreciating steadily for some time and certainly promise to continue. It will be very difficult to find another one-owner, 5-speed, 22K-mile one.


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