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1992 Ferrari 348TS

  • Year: 1992
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Model: 348TS
  • Type: Spider
  • Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa
  • Interior Color: Tan
  • Mileage: 29000

THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD - Please call 720-588-8427 or Email to speak to a specialist about other options. 

This is one of the best-kept 348s we have seen in a long time! Great vetting includes a clean CarFax report, a good file of past service records and absolutely no sign of paintwork, damage, rust or sticky interior bits. The car lived in Northern California until three years ago when it was driven home to sunny New Mexico by its last owner.

The receipts show a new clutch 3K miles ago and a full cam belt service in 2019. It was fitted with an Alpine CD player and security alarm when new and we have the original leather tool kit & pouch with owner’s books. A car cover is included, along with two different sets of floor mats. None of the wheels are curbed and it has a recent set of Michelin Pilots & new battery.

The 348 model broke a lot of new ground for Ferrari after the analog 308 & 328 models, delivering 25% more horsepower, stronger ABS brakes and new Testarossa-inspired styling  The redesign lowered the engine in the chassis seven inches, which with a wider track, dramatically improved handling. The side-mounted radiators meant 220* coolant was no longer being routed through the passenger compartment (!), making the A/C and driving comfort much better!

As a brand-new design, there were some teething problems in the early ’89-’91 348s, but by 1992 all that was resolved and most pundits know a ’92 or newer is the one to have. But, for absolutely no logical reason, a 348 today is less expensive than a comparable 328!! Crazy, but you can certainly take advantage of this anomaly.


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