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1996 Porsche 911 C4

  • Year: 1996
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 911 C4
  • Type: Cabriolet
  • Exterior Color: Arena Red
  • Interior Color: Slate
  • Mileage:

Our customer purchased this Porsche 911 C4 - 993 new in 1996. After almost 20 years, she decided it was time to freshen the car up. We performed what little body work was necessary and repainted the car in its original shade of Arena Red.

We also installed new seat covers, carpeting and soft top to complete the cosmetics. The factory alloy wheels were restored. The car received an up to date mechanical servicing. This car should bring our customer lots of enjoyment for another 20 years.



Upon arrival

After 20 years of enjoyment our customer was ready to have it freshened up!


Interior on arrival

The interior was in pretty nice shape but a refresh of the leather and foam would make it feel like new again.



We began by removing the bumpers, mirrors and other painted trim pieces to begin doing body work on them.


Convertible top removal

The convertible top was removed as it was starting to show its age so a new one was in order.


Fixing the imperfections

After 20 years on the road you're bound to pick up some rock chips on your journey. This car was no different so body work was completed to return the bumper to new condition.


Preparation for paint

The rest of the body was sanded down and primed to prepare it for a new coat of Arena Red.


New paint

After the primer coat was sanded down the new coat of paint was then applied to the car.


Wheels painted

To restore the factory OEM finish on the wheels they were sanded, primed then hit with a fresh coat of paint as well.


Deep clean

Before the car was reassembled we steam cleaned the whole under-carriage, engine, everything in preparation for the freshly painted items to go back on the car.


New top

After the old top was deemed too old, the new top was custom stitched and fabricated in-house by our trimmer.


Interior back together

Once everything was reassembled the interior looked as good as new!



After everything was put back together the car was ready to go and provide another 20 years of happy motoring!


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