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2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

  • Year: 2010
  • Make: Ferrari 599
  • Model: GTB Fiorano
  • Type: Coupe
  • Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa
  • Interior Color: Black w Alacantra
  • Mileage: 7475

THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD - Please call 720-588-8427 or Email to speak to a specialist about other options. 

There’s not a box this 599 doesn’t check—all the desirable options, great colors, low miles, as-new condition and only two owners! Sold new in Miami, we have complete documentation, all the books, tools, radio code and both keys. It has been well-maintained and just had a full servicing.  By exotic car standards, a 599 is even relatively inexpensive to maintain—NO timing belts!—and the cars have a track record of great reliability. (One of our customers now has well over 50K miles on his with no major repairs)

This car has Ferrari’s premier factory option, the HGTE handling package, which includes stiffer components to enhance the Delphi MagneRide suspension, more aggressive engine management and shifting programs, 20” Monolithic modular wheels, special exhaust, Carbon Ceramic brakes and a lowered stance. Also included is a specific leather & alcantara interior package with carbon fiber LED steering wheel plus full dash, console and seat carbon components with contrasting red stitching & seat belts. Other factory options were Bose HiFi sound system and full power seat adjustments. Performance has been further boosted with a FabSpeed rear exhaust system that sounds fabulous!  (original parts are included) Tires are like new, but are seven years old, so new ones of your choice are also included.

The car has a perfectly clean CarFax report, no paintwork and the interior actually still smells new.  These cars have risen dramatically in value recently and this is one of the very best available.  We are experienced in international shipping and can facilitate delivery anywhere in the world.


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