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2019 Range Rover Sport

  • Year: 2019
  • Make: Range Rover
  • Model: Sport
  • Type: SVR
  • Exterior Color: SVO Green
  • Interior Color: Ebony/Vintage Tan
  • Mileage: 5000

Our classic car customers have impeccable taste. And they often have late model cars that express that. AND sometimes we're asked to sell them. Such is the case with this incredible 2019 Range Rover Sport SVR. 

A very unique combination of color and options, this is true luxury and performance in one vehicle. Range Rover states that it's the fastest Land Rover model ever. Not surprising, considering the 575 hp and legendary Range Rover variable handling. You can even tune the exhaust notes to get the thrilling throaty sound of the monster V8 spooling up. 

The Ebony package outside gives it a modern, sinister look with blacked out everything. Not a spot of chrome to be found. The SVO green is a dark version of metallic British Racing Green, an iconic British color. A clear bra covers the nose and front bumper. 

Inside is simple, elegant perfection. An array of modern electronics is complemented by SVR performance seats in Vintage Tan and striking design elements all around. Every electronic device you could desire is here, including a refrigerator between the front seats. An 825 watt Meridian sound system includes 19 speakers. 

Condition is like new. There are a couple of small rock chips in the clear bra up front. Weather Tech mats are included all around. Clean carfax and window sticker available upon request. 

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