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Classic Car Consignment

Welcome to the showroom at Farland Classic Restoration. For 30 years, we have been buying, selling and restoring the finest in collectible, classic and exotic cars. Whether you have a seven figure Gullwing, a high-value American Muscle Car or even a modern/exotic, we can help you turn your classic into cash with our consignment program. 

Bring in Your Car, Take Home a Check

Depending on your car, we may offer to purchase it or list it on consignment - meaning we are selling it on your behalf. Either way, you can rest assured that your car, and your investment are in good hands. As a certified Colorado Automotive Dealer (#41143) we can handle your car sale professionally and legally. This comes from our ability to represent cars honestly and simply to our extensive knowledge of individual marques and the industry as a whole. 

We have successfully sold hundreds of cars in the US and internationally. Click through to our map to see exactly what and where we have sold. 

Bring in Your Car, Take Home a Check
How It Works

How It Works


We want to sell your car for you. And maximize your profitability. That's why we use a set price instead of percentage. We will research the latest information for your particular car and land on a retail price. We will then give you an amount that we will deliver to you. It won't be the full price, obviously, but will be significantly above a wholesale price. 

We can then take that number and do our best to sell above your promised price. You won't have to deal with ads, test drives, titles, etc. 

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